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How To Travel Solo

How To Travel SoloTraveling all by yourself can sound scary at first, but it will be one of the most unique adventures you will ever live. You will come back home full of memories and fulfilled with this great feeling of  pride and accomplishment. Yes, you did it. You travelled to a place where everything and everyone, and even, perhaps, the language, are totally unknown to you. Nonetheless, you cruised your boat like a real captain. Hats off!

Being in the shoes of a great solo conqueror many times, here are some handy tips I can share with you:

Be prepared. You need to do your research. Learn more about the place you are going to. Look up places that are not loner-tourist-friendly. Have a better idea of places you are going to visit. Know more about the culture of the place you are going to. Know what you should pack. Pack light. And plan on having other plans prepared if your main plans don’t work out as you wanted it.

Use your instincts and common sense. Do not do things that you would obviously not do at home, like hanging out in the middle of the night in empty streets. If something, some place or some situation looks strange to you, leave. Do not wear valuable jewelery that could draw too much attention to you. Do not end up drunk in a place you don’t know surrounded by total strangers.

Talk to locals and be friendly. Get to know the place you are staying at better. You can ask the new people you meet questions. Get recommendations from the concierge of your hotel, the tourist center, the waiter, etc.

Know that it is ok to be lonely. It might feel a little weird the first time you go to a restaurant and eat by yourself, but it is ok. It is not going to last forever. Just think that it is YOUR moment, where everything is all about YOU. Enjoy this time to people watch and relax; it feels great, you’ll see (being at a window or on a terrace is the best!).

Enjoy yourself. This is your adventure, where you get to plan everything you want to do and how you want to do it, without any comprise needed. Take lots of pictures and show your friends how brave and bold you are because chances are, they are going to wish it was them!

Happy travels!