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Piola Rosslyn Brunch

Love Me Some Brunch, Love Me Some Piola.

Good and cheap for a no-limit pizza brunch, Piola Rosslyn got me, many times. They should create a membership card for me and my husband, it’s become our go-to spot 😀 – practical when you live in the same neighborhood!

Saturdays and Sundays: bottomless brunch, for $19,99(!). The drinks are not included, but stay pretty reasonable if you go with the drink specials $0,99.


Piola Menu

Nice and various choices on the menu.

My personal favorites: the « Eggs in Hell » and the salmon « Cancun » pizza , hmmm… *little drool* :p

Minus Point: the service. If it weren’t for this nice Ukrainian waitress, who is really attentive and professional -and makes us feel like we are in yoga class, with her zen attitude and calm voice- I would quite be unhappy with the service. We always cross our fingers, and look at our favorite waitress with puppy eyes, hoping SHE would take care of us!

Verdict: Go!